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The festival area in Wiesen is characterised by its special location amidst nature, unspoilt woods and meadows. We care about the environment, that is why we make a point of keeping this site clean during and after the festival to keep the ecosystem intact. Therefore, enough bins and recycling points are available in the whole area and we ask you to actually use them! In order to sustainably protect and keep the area, we charge a small camping contribution of 5 euros. In addition, we ask for a refundable waste deposit of 10 euros, that will be reimbursed on returning a full rubbish bag. When entering the area, the amount will be collected in CASH from all campers and per person a camping wristband, a rubbish bag and a deposit chip will be handed out. (PLEASE NOTE: Please have the – ideally – exact amount ready when entering. We are sorry, payment by card is not possible here). If you are a very industrious collector and hand in a second full rubbish bag, you have the chance of winning one of our exclusive prizes. Further information can be found at the waste return points.


If you travel by caravan, please follow the signposting at the entrance. There is an own caravan camping site which can only be reached via this entrance. Please obey the instructions of the security staff when necessary and show consideration for other campers. There is no additional charge.


For all visitors who want to spend the festival in comfort, peace and with a roof over their heads, there will again be our exclusive COMFORT CAMPING! In an own 6000 sqm area we have provided 10 comfortable wooden cabins (for max. 6 people), 10 readily put up tents (for max. 3 people) and 30 tent pitches (for max. 3 people per tent.) Our Comfort Camping even offers the possibility of having your breakfast delivered to your (tent-) door!


- 6000 sqm Comfort Camping Zone
- 10 comfortable wooden huts (for max. 6 people)
- 10 readily put up tents (for max. 3 people)
- 30 tent pitches (for max. 3 people per tent)
- own Comfort Camping parking lot nearby
- own Comfort Camping reception desk
- separate water-flushed sanitary facilities
- own shower container
- exclusive breakfast service
- all Comfort Camping offers can only be booked for the whole duration of the festival

Find all the information about the individual variants Camping and Comfort Camping extras plus registration and booking here! http://www.arcadia-live.com/comfortcamping/nuforms/en


If you prefer to stay in a hotel you can contact the hotels below:


Biohof Preissegger (4 Blumen)
Info: Hauptstraße 21, 7203 Wiesen
Tel.: +43(0)676/9334702
Mail: office@biopreisegger.at
Link: http://www.biopreisegger.at/

Beerenhof Wiesen
Restaurant und Gästezimmer
Info: Schöllingstraße 1, 7203 Wiesen
Tel.: +43(0)2626/83022
Mail: office@beerenhof-wiesen.at
Link: www.beerenhof-wiesen.at

Ferienwohnung Koch (4 Sonnen)
Info: Bahnstraße 103, 7203 Wiesen
Tel.: +43(0)2626/83316 oder

Gästezimmer Weghofer
Info: Hauptstraße 91, 7203 Wiesen
Tel.: +43(0)664/4442736

Bad Sauerbrunn

Der Sonnberghof
Haus Esterhazy (4 Sterne)
Info: Hartiggasse 4, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
Tel.: +43(0)2625/300 DW: 8500
Mail: office@dersonnberghof.at
Link: http://www.dersonnberghof.at/

    Appartement H2 (4 Sonnen)
    Info: Hauptplatz 2, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
    Tel.: +43(0)676/9196248
    Mail: stifter@hutterstifter.at

    Gästehaus Florian (3 Sonnen)
    Info: Badstraße 24, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
    Tel.: +43(0)676/7828472
    Mail: gaestehaus-florian@gmx.at

    Pension Villa Köck
    Info: Hartiggasse 5, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
    Tel.: +43(0)664/1007583
    Mail: info@villa-koeck.at

    Parkhotel Neubauer (3 Sterne)
    Info: Hauptplatz 4, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
    Mail: info@parkhotel-neubauer.at
    Link: http://www.parkhotel-neubauer.at/

    Casa el Hungaro (4 Sonnen)
    Info: Rosalienweg 2c, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
    Tel.: +43(0)650/9944831
    Mail: casadelhungaro@yahoo.com

    Pension Franzenshöhe
    Info: Postgasse 16, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
    Tel.: +43(0)650/6704727
    Mail: privat-pension@hotmail.com

    Landhaus Amadeus (Privatzimmer)
    Info: Mattersburgerstraße 19, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
    Tel.: +43(0)676/4956885
    Mail: amadeus@mimm.at
    Link: Landhaus Amadeus


    Info: Hauptstraße 85, 7212 Forchtenstein
    Tel.: +43(0)2626/63195, 0664/1627585
    Mail: alexandra.langeder@chello.at

    Gasthaus Daskalakis-Sauerzapf
    Info: Rosalienstraße 39, 7212 Forchtenstein
    Tel.: +43(0)2626/81217
    Mail: daskalakis-sauerzapf@a1.net


    Hotel-Restaurant Müllner (3 Sterne)
    Info: Hauptstraße 101, 7221 Marz
    Tel.: +43(0)2626/63967
    Mail: office@hotel-muellner.at
    Link: www.hotel-muellner.at

    Gasthaus Scheiber
    Info: Bachstraße 31, 7221 Marz
    Tel.: +43(0)2626/63904
    Mail: gasthaus-scheiber@aon.at

    Haus Elfi
    Info: Z. Gundianstraße 16, 7221 Marz
    Tel.: +43(0)2626/63520


    Restaurant Hotel Florianihof (3 Sterne)
    Info: Wiener Straße 1, 7210 Mattersburg
    Tel.: +43(0)2626/62106
    Mail: florianihof@burgenland.org
    oder office@hotel-florianihof.at


    Hotel-Restaurant Martinihof (3 Sterne)
    Info: Rathausplatz 4, 7201 Neudörfl
    Tel.: +43(0)2622/77845
    Mail: office@martinihof.com

    Ferienwohnung "Zur Hauerperle" (3 Sonnen)
    Info: Hauptstraße 113, 7201 Neudörfl,
    Tel.: +43(0)2622/77286,
    Mail: karl.hauer@gmail.com

    Tennis- und Freizeitcenter (3 Sterne)
    Info: Fabriksgelände 9, 7201 Neudörfl
    Tel.: +43(0)2622/77432
    Mail: office@tennistreff.at


    Biohof Neuberger (4 Blumen)
    Info: Bachzeile 40, 7023 Pöttelsdorf
    Tel.: +43(0)699/10287887
    Mail: heinz.neuberger@bnet.at


    Hotel-Restaurant Sonnenhof (3 Sterne)
    Info: Fabriksgasse 35, 7022 Schattendorf
    Tel.: +43(0)2686/2166
    Mail: info@sonnenhof-hotel.at

    Landgasthof Grafl
    Info: Mattersburger Straße 2, 7022 Schattendorf
    Tel.: +43(0)2686/2141-0
    Mail: landgasthof@grafl.com